Pleasure Island Pirate Voyages

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Pleasure Island Pirate Adventures - Cape Fear Pirate Tour

Ahoy Mates! Welcome to Pleasure Island Pirate Voyages

If it’s pirate adventure you’re wanting, young mates, you’ve come to the right place! Become a buccaneer and sail with us, searching the shadowy sea for treasure. The coast of North Carolina is known as the Graveyard of Ships, and who knows what gold and other booty sank with them that’s now ours for the taking!

Course, you can’t come aboard looking like a landlubber! We’ll dress you in pirate garb and set you to a task, and, before you know it, you’ll be an old salt like the rest of us!

REMEMBER: We must have at least six paying passengers to make a trip!!

Don`t forget to check our coupon and discount page listed in the EVENTS page !

Avast! Make a reservation so we’ll be on the lookout for your party.


Latest News

Sailed South Mates
Ahoy me little Mates, The Miss Hannah has sailed south for warmer waters. We would like to thank all who sailed aboard her marking an Awsome season in North Carolina. We surely be hopin ya`ll be headed back again next year with all yur friends to live by the oath and do the battles we be need...


Yearnin’ to be a pirate, or already joined us? Affix your mark (and your email) here to follow the merry Miss Hannah’s adventures as we prowl the coast in search of pleasure and treasure!


The Voyage
A pirate voyage aboard the Miss Hannah lets kids venture into the coastal waters, listen to the gulls circling overhead, and experience the excitement of working with others to follow clues and seize the pirate treasure. In the process they will learn the rules of the sea, swear to the pirate oath, learn songs and dances, learn all...